memes are now banned from please do not post them

@Boots we also hate furries and pedos so no lolis here

But we also hate the CIA niggers and the KKK too

And we hate both the lefties and righties

We hate everyone but ourselves pretty much.

@DeepRest Why do you think the instance is seemingly abandoned?

No social interactions to be had here, move along

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whatever you need to/want to do this caturday, i know you can do it! i believe in you. 🐱

Attention everyone, is now exclusively for cat pictures. 🐱

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My github account is a graveyard of empty repositories filled with good intentions.

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*sleepy blinks*

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nostalgia; computer security 

@whiteph That's even more expensive though, the market for megalomaniac consumers is at its peak. There's no way I could ever afford the blood of my enemies.

@RadiantBastard fuck you and your societal/economical norms

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